Wooden Toys Gift Set (Pack of 11) (1 to 3 years)

Wooden Toys Gift Set (Pack of 11) (1 to 3 years)

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Channapatna Wooden Toys have changed the way traditional Indian
wooden toys are made to give your children the best mix of ancient wisdom and
modern needs.

What’s inside?

  • Wooden Xylophone with 8 Nodes
  • Wooden Rattles Set of 8
  • Wooden Roly Poly Balancing Doll
  • Wooden €‹€‹Stacking Rings Toys

Why is it a must-have for my

Channapatna Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys takes pride in bringing you Handmade Wooden Xylophone toys for
kids that are 100% safe and free from toxic paints, plastics, and batteries
so your child can have fun in the healthiest possible

Channapatna Wooden Rattle Toys give babies the tactile
experience of feeling wood, which is important for their sensory development.
Wooden rattles are long-lasting. This wooden rattle with a natural finish is
easy to hold and play with. 

Wooden Roly Poly Balancing Doll provides hours of engagement as toddlers learn motor skills.
It promotes sensory skills, visual development, and

Wooden Stacking Rings
help children develop
hand-eye coordination. Stacking pieces makes your child use his hands, arms,
and fingers. Also, they develop problem-solving skills and affect
understanding. The wooden stacking toy comes in vibrant colors, making it a
fantastic tool for children to learn color


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