Wooden Tiny Teeth Doctor Kit Dentist Toys (3 to 5 years)

Wooden Tiny Teeth Doctor Kit Dentist Toys (3 to 5 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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realistic dental tools such as a mouth and 11 wooden teeth, Dental forceps, a
mirror, a Stain remover, a syringe, a Toothbrush and a bag to store these

2. Doctor play set for kids come with detachable dentures and
realistic dental tools, your child can role-play like a real dentist, learn
about dentists through role-playing games, alleviate childrens fear of going
to the doctor, and educate children to maintain oral hygiene.

3.Pretend play dentist role-playing games help develop childrens
expression skills, problem-solving skills, social skills and self-confidence,
exercise their hands-on skills and fine motor skills, stimulate creativity
and imagination, and benefit childrens brains Development.

4. All dental tools can be stored in the medical bag, which not
only helps children develop the habit of tidying up toys. It is also
convenient to carry and go out, and children can play with friends anytime,

5. Wooden dentist role play set are made of high-quality wood,
with a sturdy and durable structure, a smooth surface without burrs, and a
rounded edge design, providing a safe environment for children to play.

Contains: 19 pcs

Size: 28 x 23 cm

Materials: wood


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