Wooden Geometric 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (2 to 8 years)

Wooden Geometric 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (2 to 8 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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our products are hand-painted by in-house artisans with organic acrylic
paints complying with ASTM certification. Thus all products are made of
biodegradable composite wood complying with EPA-TSCA certification and hence
are super safe for kids. These Puzzles help you and your kids in many

  • It is great fun for family and school.This educational toy can
    also improve your child’s imagination.
  • The game can improve your child’s eye-hand coordination and color
    & shape recognition.The game can help your child keep the blocks together
    on the board with a different solutions.?It is a helpful tool to train your
    child’s thinking ability and problem-solving skills.Meaningful break from
    todays digital lifestyle.
  • Helps to engage both sides of the brain Left brain (Logical) and
    the Right brain (Creative)
  • 13 PIECES COLORFUL WOODEN PUZZLE: The Funny Mind Wooden Octa Puzzle
    comes with 4 colorful octagon pattern blocks. It helps the kids to learn
    color and patterns. This wooden puzzle also offers a variety of shapes such
    as square, rectangle, doll, teddy, mountain, robot, pistol, airplane and more
    for your kids to discover and create, brings kids endless Wooden 3D Kiddo
    Pattern Puzzle Board| Geometric Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Montessori style, and it fosters logical reasoning, problem-solving, and
    spatial recognition. Wooden puzzles make the mind work properly. It not only
    helps to train the imagination, improve eye-hand coordination, color and
    shape recozination. This game is perfect for the time when you need to calm
    down. It is a great game for family and school, and it keeps the kids busy
    for hours.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR LOVED ONES: There is no doubt these puzzle
    boards are very helpful for your toddler growth. Adults can also use it keep
    themselves busy to pattern making. Its size and features fit perfectly for a
    gift. Everyone can enjoy and use this to help them in learning, meditation,
    and concentration.
  • DURABLE, SAFE AND MADE IN INDIA: This Puzzle Board is made of
    pinewood and painted with organic non-toxic colors. This board is compliant
    with international standards of toy safety requirements such as EN 71, and
    BIS. We use organic paints, pinewood, and biodegradable packaging materials
    which makes it 100% safe and durable. Our all products are made in India with
    quality and environment-friendly raw material.
  • Montessori skills
  • Pre Learning skills
  • Sensory skills
  • Fine Motor skills

Contains: Pack of 1 Octa wooden

Size: 8 x 5






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