TinyBee Rocket & Circular Wooden Teether (4 months to 2 years)

TinyBee Rocket & Circular Wooden Teether (4 months to 2 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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cute are our range of little wooden teethers! These beech wood teethers are
expertly designed so that your baby can easily wrap their tiny fingers around
it. Your child may have sore or tender gums when their teeth begin to erupt.
These teethers are the best to soothe those aching gums as well as to
entertain your little ones. It also helps to stimulate babys sense of feel
& touch and to develop hand-eye coordination as your baby learn to bring
the teether to their mouth. The Beech wood used for creating these teethers
is natural and non-toxic, so you can rest assured knowing that its super safe
for your little one and their tender gums.

Bring home these  teethers
and watch your child indulge in it playfully.

– 100% Child Safe
– Easy for little hands to
– Develops hand-eye co-ordination
– Stimulate
baby’s sense of feel & touch 

Contains: 2 Piece of wooden

Size: 68 x 10 x
100 cm

Materials: Wood

Certifications: ISI licence no. by
BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards): CM/L-7200223191

Care instructions: To Maintain
the hygiene, wipe teether with warm water cloth and clean it after baby has
played with it.


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