The Castle Tales – Building Blocks (54 Pcs)(2 to 1 years)

The Castle Tales – Building Blocks (54 Pcs)(2 to 1 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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the world of Castles and Princely Tales with this stunning set of building
blocks by ClayOplay. From the start, little ones will be attracted to the
rich colors and beautiful shapes.

As they get older, children will create more and more elaborate
and detailed palaces. Can be combined with dolls, silks and many other
objects to create fantastic worlds. This set decorates any room and has a
simulative nature, because the blocks always invite play.

A wonderful supplement to the otherbuilding block games. Younger
children will delight in the bright and bold colors and beautifully formed
shapes, while older children will create more elaborate buildings and

Combine this set with objects such as play rainbow stackers ,
wooden cars and small dolls to create even more wonder and mystery. Wooden
building blocks help children develop fine motor skills, planning and spatial

Harness your child’s creativity to build medieval castles ,
bridges , turrets , arches & towers with this safe interchangeable wooden
building blocks ! Make anything you can imagine !

Construct the tallest kingdom , topple it over , and start again.
Develop fine motor skills and spatial relationships while teaching shapes ,
colors , and sorting.. Great gift for holidays, birthday parties or festivals
– Perfect choice for many happy moments – Castle Tales by!!

Materials: Wood


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