The Burrow Play Tent – Lazy Llama (2 to 18 years)

The Burrow Play Tent – Lazy Llama (2 to 18 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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– “I love my borrow, I can lay in there the whole day nibbling on
carrots, dream up exciting adventures, pretend play with friends, read books,
keep my toys however I like and just chill in my little space. God knows
parents can get pushy about cleaning up but this is a strictly no adult’s
space! A win-win for everybody till I get my own tree


  • Pine wood deowels
  • Play tent fabric
  • Mattress
  • Ferry lights
  • Fabric buntings

Size: 5 ft Tall,¬†4×4 ft at the

Materials: 100% cotton, breathable

Care Instructions

  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • A mild, environmentally friendly dish soap, and some cold water,
    will work well
  • You dont want to use bleach or harsh chemicals as it can fade-out
    the colors
  • No soaking You never want to soak your Bobtail toys, a gentle
    spot cleaning is all that is needed.


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