Terra Loop – All-In-One Educational Activity Kit

Terra Loop – All-In-One Educational Activity Kit

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Availability: 5 in stock

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Take your child on an educational adventure like never before.
Enjoy with them as they traverse through various lands collecting a precious
ancient currency. See them master operations with numbers and money right
before your eyes!

  • The kit includes the Terra Loop board game and interactive books
    with real-life scenarios to improve their application and conceptual
    knowledge. Also included are game-based flashcards with a Magic Glass to
    bring out the inner spymaster in them and revise the topic
  • This kit is perfect to get them off screens and develop multiple
    skills. It will get them to love maths and the entire family can be an active
    part in their educational journey.
  • With Luma, go beyond academics and add WOW to

Academic Skills: Learn and practice operations with numbers and be
introduced to concepts of money, 4-digit numbers, Operations with numbers,
Word Problems, Patterns

Money Life Skills: Develop and improve mental maths, logical
reasoning, critical thinking and social skills, Mental Maths, Logical
Reasoning, Communication Decision Making

Creativity Moral Values: Understand the value of money and the
importance of saving money! Financial Literacy, Respect for opponents,
Importance of human relationships, Helping and caring for

  • 1 Terra Loop Board Game
  • 1 Building Blocks Concept Book
  • 2 Thematic Apply Books for Practice
  • 30 Topic Flashcards
  • 10 Application Flashcards
  • 1 Magic Glass (TM)
  • 1 Mentor Guidebook
  • 1 Reusable Rough Pad with Stationery kit

8 years and up




Made in India


Hands to Mind presents Luma World, an edutainment enterprise that
focuses on game-based skill development. They aim to coax people to off their
screens by replicating the gratification and adrenaline rush of digital games
in real life. While fun is at the core of everything they create, they also
aim to develop a plethora of relevant skills in young learners. All the
learning is subliminal, with enjoyment at the maximum as Luma go beyond
academics and adds WOW to learning!


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