Super Squ Explores India – Tamil Nadu (Map + Mini Booklet)

Super Squ Explores India – Tamil Nadu (Map + Mini Booklet)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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Squ goes to Tamil Nadu! Little Squ is a fun-loving, nerdy Malabar Giant
squirrel. She loves to travel. She has decided to go on a trip across India.
She is mesmerised by the sights, the people, the stories and the amazing food
she eats.

Although she has gone on a solo trip, she misses her friends
dearly. She cant wait to share her experiences with her friends. One day,
while sitting and reading on the branches of a Tholkappiar tree, she comes up
with a brilliant idea to keep her friends apprised of what is happening in
her life. She decides to send gift boxes to her friends from the places she
is travelling to  and the first
state she has visited is Tamil Nadu.

First, her friends need to know the places she has visited in the
state. As Super Squ is a brilliant artist, she draws a colorful map of the
state with the places she has visited. She writes small notes and draws
pictures of other things Tamil Nadu is famous for  Bharatanatyam, the
Brihadeeshvara Temple, the Nilgiri tahr, and a few other
She lovingly rolls them into a scroll and puts it in a

Now she is very happy that she has been able to create a lovely
box for each of her friends. She seals the boxes and posts them. She is now
looking forward to her journey to the next state. Which state will it

    • Fun map: This is a fun Tamil Nadu map for kids
      with names of cities and important landmarks, a good way to create
      interest in geography 
    • Designed for kids: Done in fun and
      vibrant colours, the map also has some key landmarks and animals marked
      on it, to build conversations around history and the environment. The
      illustrations are very child-friendly too
    • Free booklet: The learning booklet
      contains descriptions of some of the landmarks marked on the
    • Print-quality poster: Printed
      on thick, matte-finish paper, the map reaches you in pristine
      condition because it is hand-rolled  and enclosed in a
      poster tube
    • Easy returns: No questions asked,
      because if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, Ekdali
      want to make it right with a full refund or
      replacement! They want you to love your prints as much as the
      company loves making them!
    • Support a small business: Ekdali is a
      small, 80%-women team, based in Bangalore, India. They design
      all their products and manufacture all of their prints in
      their high-quality lab themselves. Ekdali would like to thank you
      for supporting small businesses!

    Contains: 1 A3-size map and 1
    mini booklet


    • Map 12 inches x 19 inches 
    • Mini booklet 4 inches x 12 inches, can be folded 5

    4 years to 8 years


    We recommend that you paste
    the chart in a place where kids can see it often and spend a few minutes with
    it every day. This will help to accelerate the learning






    Hands to Mind presents Ekdali, whose early learning
    products and posters make learning fun. With colourful and engaging imagery
    and minimal words, each poster is a wealth of knowledge and a unique way to
    decorate your child’s room!


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