Steam Boat (Pack of 5) (15 to 3 years)

Steam Boat (Pack of 5) (15 to 3 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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Product Description

things can do great wonders! Not talking about kids here but the S.T.E.M Tin
Toy Boat which is propelled by steam. Quite a wonder isn’t it? It intrigues
and makes one appreciate science. This comeback collectible never fails to
bring back the childhood nostalgia, entertain and put a smile on your

Contains: 5 Tin Toy Boats, 5
Fillers & 5 Candle holders with wax

Materials: Tin

Care Instructions: Warning! Use
of fire. Parental Supervision required

How To Play

  • Use the filler to fill the 2 pipes/tubes placed behind the boat
    with water and place the boat in a tub of water
  • Light the candle and place it under the boiler inside the
  • The water in the boiler turns into steam which escapes and
    propels the boat forward using a steam jet effect
  • The remaining steam condenses and sucks in more water and the
    cycle continues till the candle or fire dies out
  • Once the candle is over, use a wick and oil in the candle holder
    and play again.
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