Road Map A Pretend Play Mat (2 to 1 years)

Road Map A Pretend Play Mat (2 to 1 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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children a happy moment to sit and play with friends. Can be used to keep
children busy. Ideal for play rooms, nurseries, daycare &
This Mat is patterned with all the things that are seen on
road such as Airport, School, Buildings, Traffic Signal, Parking area,
Railway, Beach, Mall, construction site etc.
Child can enjoy the
pretend play for hours. Child can play with their favorite Car, Truck
etc any transport toy and enjoy the play.

  • Enhance gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual
    sensory growth

  • Understanding sense of Road and things around them

  • Enriching the game and stimulating your child’s

  • Kids can play the road sign mat with their friends and have fun
    with the

Contains: 1 Road map

Materials: Flex 


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