Lord Jagannath , Balarama , Subhadra

Lord Jagannath , Balarama , Subhadra

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Soft toys and children share an adorable bond. They become
playmates and play a vital role in shaping a child’s moral and ethical
compass. Children often get attached to their toys and prefer travelling the
world with them.

Lord Jagannath , Balarama and Subhadra Plush Dolls  are perfect for open ended play for your
little ones.Let’s cuddle and snuggle with our kids , engage them in a story
telling session about Lord Krishna  ,
Lord Balaram  , Goddess Subhadra ,
Mahabharata , introduce them to Indian mythology in a fun and learning manner
with the dolls .

Lord Jagannath is also known as the  ’Lord of the Universe’ . He is a deity
worshipped in Hinduism as part of a triad along with his brother Balabhadra,
and sister, Subhadra .Jagannath is an abstract representation of Lord Krishna
or Lord Vishnu , he is also considered a symmetry-filled tantric form of
Bhairava , a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with

Lord Jagannath is considered a non-sectarian deity.The Jagannath Temple in
Puri, Odisha is particularly significant in Vaishnavism, and is regarded as
one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites in India.

The annual festival called the Rath Yatra celebrated in June or July every
year in eastern states of India is dedicated to Jagannath. Lord Jagannath
along with deities Balarama and Subhadra are ceremoniously brought out of the
sacrosanctum (Garbhagriha) of his chief temple in Puri. They are placed in a
chariot which is then pulled by numerous volunteers to the Gundicha Temple
(located at a distance of nearly 3 km or 1.9 mi). They stay there for a few
days, after which they are returned to the main temple. Coinciding with the
Ratha Yatra festival at Puri, similar processions are organized at Jagannath
temples throughout the world.

Lord Balarama is a Hindu God and the elder brother of Lord Krishna .He is
also known as Haladhara, Halayudha, Baladeva, Balabhadra, and
Sankarshana.Balarama is sometimes described as incarnation of Shesha, the
serpent associated with the deity Lord Vishnu ; Lord Krishna is regarded as an
incarnation of Lord Vishnu.Some traditions regard him as one of the 10
principal avatars of Vishnu himself. Balarama is the celebrated tiller,
signifying the one who is “harbinger of knowledge”, of agricultural
tools and prosperity . The plough and mace are his weapons. He is a constant
companion of Lord Krishna be it in the act of stealing butter or playing
childhood pranks.

Subhadra is a Hindu goddess . She is described as the favourite child of
Vasudeva and the younger sister of deities Krishna and Balarama. According to
the Mahabharata, Arjuna—one of the Pandava brothers—married her, with whom
she bore one son, Abhimanyu.

The dolls are made of high quality materials (Lycra cloth and poly cotton)
and are washable and non toxic. These soft toys ensure safety and durability

Dimensions of Lord Jagannath Doll : 17x11x4.5cm

Dimensions of Lord Balarama Doll : 17x11x5 cm

Dimensions of Subhadra Doll : 16×8.5×5 cm

Care Instructions : 100% Child Friendly , Non Toxic , Gentle Machine

Materials of the Dolls : Mix of Canvas , Cotton and Synthetic Polymer

Why you should bring these Indian dolls home for your child ?

Learn through play – An adorable doll that engages kids to learn through
creative pretend play . It sparks creativity , nurtures curiosity and ignites
imagination of a child .
Helps develop an appreciation for the rich Indian Culture
Helps to understand about Indian Gods and Goddess in an easy and fun way

Boosts self esteem and confidence
Refines fine motor skills and gross motor skills
Rewarding and motivating
Helps channelize the energy levels. The child gets involved completely in
this very absorbing play activity
The dolls provides hours of relaxation and fun
It also makes for a perfect gift for a loved one
A great way to bond through a fun play activity for children, siblings,
family and friends.


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