Life in the Jungle – Indian Nature & Wildlife

Life in the Jungle – Indian Nature & Wildlife

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Jayakumar’s dream to share his experience of almost four decades in the
jungles of India through true stories and photographs has taken shape in the
form of this coffee table book. Introduce the reader to the fascinating world
of the wildlife of this amazing country.

Life in the Jungle contains around 240 pages adorned with around
250 sublime quality images in color encompassing more than 100 species of
animals, birds, and reptiles photographed in more than 25 National parks and
wildlife sanctuaries spread across? regions of India and Yala of Sri

Life in the Jungle is also peppered with many anecdotes in the
wild which aim at transporting the reader to a completely different world,
instigating a vicarious excitement that one can experience in the jungles of
the Indian Subcontinent.

Rare images of behavioral traits of animals and birds  sibling rivalry, stalking, hunting,
feeding, breeding, courtship, etc. Some of the images have been published in
reputed international magazines and newspapers abroad like BBC, The Daily
Telegraph, The Sun, Sanctuary Magazine, etc.

A true wildlife photographer is one who is the eyes and ears of a
million people who do not get the opportunity to experience the adrenaline of
wildlife. Hence this endeavor has a two-fold vision  One to introduce the reader to the
fascinating world of the wildlife of this amazing country and Two  to inculcate the spirit of conservation in
one and all by imparting knowledge through Life in the

Author: MN Jayakumar

Publisher: Krab Media and

Pages: 240 pp

Format: Hardcover

Contains: 1 Life in the Jungle Coffee
Table Book

Size: 31 cms x 27 cms
x 2.5 cms


7 years onwards






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