Harappan Archaeology Kit (8 to 12 years)

Harappan Archaeology Kit (8 to 12 years)

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Availability: 5 in stock

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FIRST archaeological excavation simulation kit, the Harappan Archaeology Kit
contains replicas of artefacts from the Harappan Civilization recreated with
the help of  artisans and craftsmen using sustainable

  • Expertise: Designed and developed with the support and incubation
    at IIT-Kanpur. Built in collaboration with historians, artisans and
    archaeologists and created in consultation with artists
  • Educate & Learn: The CultreBOX engages children to become
    archaeologists for a few hours. Each artefact in the CultreBOX is replicated
    with the help of craftsmen and through using traditional art forms. Players
    learn about various aspects of art, art techniques, and heritage as they dig
    into the past. Therefore, this CultreBOX attempts not just to educate, but to
  • Discover & Play Not only does the CultreBOX cater to
    knowledge, but it also helps develop cognitive skills like attention, working
    memory, concentration, and many others. The CultreBOX opens a world of
    infinite possibilities and triggers players imagination as an exercise in the
    development of their intellectual capacities
  • Develop Cognitive Skills: Give your children the tool for honing
    their cognitive skills like attention, working memory, concentration and many
    others right from the comforts of your home, and without any screen-time. A
    super-exciting playdate with the archaeological artefacts of the
  • Perfect Gift For Any Occasion: Give your child the gift of
    CultreBox, which provides her with an interesting activity to engage in
    through its several discoverable artefacts, and at the same time, allows them
    a hands-on exposure to our ancient culture, only showcased so far at the
    various museums and in mundane history books
  • The replicas of artefacts have been provided for representational
    purposes and do not claim to be exact copies of antiquities. The box cover
    image is an artistic representation of the Harappan Civilization and does not
    claim to be historically accurate

Contains: 1 Digging brick ,
Archaeological tools & Information booklet 

Size: 24 x 8 x 21

Materials: Clay, metal, wood,
terracotta and paper

How To Play:

  • Use the instruction slip given to understand how to get digging
    like a real archaeologist! The archaeological tools provided will help you
    unearth your Harappan treasures. 
  • This can be a single player or multiplayer
  • The fun doesnt stop after playing with the CultreBOX just once.
    The digging brick can be reused to create a fresh brick for new objects, and
    continue to pique the curiosity of children young and old!
  • Extending the enjoyment beyond just digging, players can display
    artefacts and create objects for daily use (such as bracelets out of beads),
    encouraging both discovery and maker skills

Care Instructions: The kit
contains breakable items, so handle with care. 

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