Policies For Sellers

Policies For Sellers

Hands to Mind is an online platform (Marketplace) accessible through web (www.handstomind.com) owned and operated by Sparkling Olive Green Commodity Sales and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd. Subject to the presents here, Sparkling Olive Green Commodity Sales and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd may allow Sellers to use Marketplace, on “as-is basis” to list and display their product and other data on www.handstomind.com

Sellers on approval are allowed to list products for sale on Marketplace. The Listing Price will be determined by Hands to Mind over and above the Ex-factory price provided by the seller. (Seller to provide price of product to Hands to Mind including shipping and packaging charges to our warehouse in Bangalore).

Hands to Mind implements mechanism to rate and provide feedback regarding Seller and Seller Products on Marketplace and such information be available on Marketplace.

Seller shall be solely responsible for the Product Information and related Content while listing Seller Product for sale on Marketplace.

Seller should ensure that Seller Materials, Seller Products (including their packaging) (i) shall not contain any Objectionable Content or any other Content that is not expressly permitted; and (ii) are in compliance with the agreed catalogue and content standards. Seller takes full responsibility for the contents of the packages that it hands over to delivery agents to be sent to Buyers and agrees that Sparkling Olive Green Commodity Sales and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd. shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for such contents.

For each Seller Product sold on Marketplace, Seller shall be able to see the same on Seller Portal. If Sparkling Olive Green Commodity Sales and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd.  believes in its sole discretion that a Seller Transaction represents fraudulent activity, Sparkling Olive Green Commodity Sales and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd.  may, but is not obligated to, prohibit the Seller Transaction. Sparkling Olive Green Commodity Sales and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd.  will not be liable to Seller for any such action that results in or prevents a Buyer from completing an order or causes a Buyer to cancel an order.

Seller shall retrieve the Order Information using the functionality enabled for Seller account on Seller Portal of Marketplace (“Seller Account”) and shall not to cancel any Orders else will have to pay a penalty of 50% of the buyer purchase price. In case seller is desirous of cancelling the order, seller may intimate the same.

Seller shall not collude with a Buyer or other Sellers or users of the Marketplace, for drawing benefits from various promotional offers including but not limited to discount or cashback through false or fraudulent transaction

Hands to Mind without any liability to compensate Seller, shall have the right to cancel any order if:

a. Seller has failed to handover/ship the product to our warehouse

b. Hands to Mind understands that Seller Product is not shipped for any reason within the applicable shipping period.

Seller shall not sell a Product unless the Seller Product is fully fit and can be shipped to our warehouse. Seller will not ship Seller Products which are damaged, defective, and only that can withstand shipment through couriers. Seller shall ship products as mentioned in listing.

All discounts offered by Seller will be borne by Seller. If Hands to Mind offers any additional discounts over the Listing Price, then in such case Hands to Mind shall bear the cost of such additional discount.

The invoice will be placed and sent with the Product to our warehouse.

Seller agrees that as a security measure or in compliance with Applicable Law or any reason thereof, Hands to Mind or the Payment Gateway shall have the right (but not obligation) to impose limits or restriction on transaction at Marketplace. Neither Hands to Mind nor Payment Gateway will be liable to Seller in case of any transaction failure to meet regulatory requirement or due to any technology failure or limitations of technology being used.

Hands to Mind will remit to Seller the Sales Proceeds within 01 working days of order being received to facilitate shipment of the products to our warehouse.

Seller may set up a dedicated online Storefront for themselves within Marketplace.

Hands to Mind shall not be liable for Contents uploaded or displayed on the Storefront or Marketplace by or on behalf of Seller pertaining to Seller’s Products and all consequent liability will be borne by the Seller only.

Sellers shall take full responsibility for any Content that is uploaded on its Storefront or used in relation to the Seller Products or their listing on Marketplace and shall agree that Hands to Mind shall not be responsible or liable for the Content and any issues arising from such Content whether provided by Seller

Hands to Mind may undertake merchandising, promotion and digital marketing of Marketplace and Seller’s Storefront including Seller. Seller shall acknowledge that Hands to Mind will have complete rights of approval and ownership over the creative content, themes, sales literature, copy and layout of all advertising and promotional materials and programs, trade materials, business cards, invoices, stationery and other printed matter relating to such merchandising, promotion and marketing activities.

Seller shall acknowledge and agrees that while Service Providers may take the Tax related data (Tax Data) from the Seller Portal, Seller acknowledges and agrees that Hands to Mind and its Service Providers do not provide Tax advice, and that Seller is solely responsible for determining the applicability and accuracy of any Tax Data. As a condition of receiving the Tax data, Seller agrees to fully and forever waive any liabilities against Hands to Mind and the Service Provider arising from Seller’s use of and reliance on such Tax Data and further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Hands to Mind and its Service Provider harmless from liabilities arising from such use or reliance.

Seller warrants that they will not host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information that is Objectionable Content.

Seller shall acknowledge that Hands to Mind role is limited to managing the Marketplace for the display of the Seller Products and other incidental services to facilitate online transactions between Seller and the Buyers. The transaction for sale of any of the Products is a bipartite contract between Seller, Buyer and Hands to Mind, In cases where disputes arise, Hands to Mind will take liability on dispute handling between the Buyer and Seller.

Hands to Mind reserves the right to change, upgrade, modify, limit or suspend Marketplace services or any of its related functionalities or applications at any time temporarily or permanently without prior notice. Hands to Mind further reserves the right to introduce new features, functionalities or applications to the services or to future versions of the Marketplace services.

Hands to Mind may arrange for customer service centre to provide assistance to Buyers in purchase, payment related queries, or any enquiries as may be requested by Buyers. Seller shall provide all information and assistance as may be requested by Hands to Mind or its customer service centre to assist Seller in resolving any queries, enquiries or grievances of Buyer.

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